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Our templates has a built-in four panels from each side where you could place more modules which don't take the content area, but always visible and your users can just click and see them. Read more here...

Template Info
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Info - Customizer is still BETA.

All options work correctly(in frontend), but not everything is displayed correct yet in the preview. We work on it.


♦ For correct work the Customizer requires default administrator template(Isis) and minimal recommended screen width 1280 pixels.

♦ When you open customizer it always opens in preview frame your homepage, so if you have a few different styles on your site(for example one for homepage and another for inner pages) don't forget to navigate to the page for current style.

♦ When you change something in the template(layouts, elements etc) save template before to use customizer

♦ Sidebars - To change background color of sidebar A and sidebar B - style selected should be 'Boxed', or 'Shadows' but not any gradient.

♦ Use the icon full screen for better viewing(2nd icon top left)

If you have any questions, ask it here